Everything can be transformed through God or maybe you call it spirit, inner being, the universe, what ever resonates with you it can be done through that higher power. Some of us in this life time are the winds or change for others, the support system for transformation, the alchemist, I am one of those channels of transformation. I spent years and years discovering myself to only rediscover myself and find out that I am a strong representation of continuous death and rebirth, of alchemy, of transformation.  It shows up in my numerology of by birthday the 13th which is known in many traditions to be the number of death and rebirth. It shows up in my gene keys and human design, 3/5 Projector with the 42 Gene key, the one of continuously death and rebirth. So if you are seeking transformation in your life whether that may be through business, your personal life, or your spiritual understanding, you have come to the right place. In my work I do not disconnect God or spirit from anything even in the practical aspects because they Spirit and the material are a union, they dance together to be complete. It is like the dance of the feminine and masculine, one requires the other to exist.

What I have experienced in my years of life are more than I could ever imagined experiencing at such a young age, I am currently 31, turning 32 in April 2021, but forever grateful for all that comes through so that I can assist others with ease and love. If you are into human design as a 3/5 Projector you will know my extensive experience makes sense. My background includes a degree in Physical therapy as a PTA, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master many many years of self study, experience, & guided study with subjects such as breath work, meditation, personal development, business development, mental health; as I have been through my own major battles with mental health at a young age, & many forms of energy work. I am also a 4th generation Psychic Medium but first publicly practicing. Currently my favorite divination tools for clients is Tarot although my tools continue to expand as I do. I also have a very strong relationship with the Ancestors and being a Child of Oya it is very fitting, if you know you know.

In my personal practice I am a cosmic traveler and connect to many realms of truth.

Synergy Soul is beyond a coaching brand, it is a brand of wealth, of health, & transformation in all ways, mind, body, soul, & business.

Welcome to Synergy Soul, I pray you receive what always allow yourself to receive what you need and desire, and I pray you love it here as much as I love creating this space for others.

As I say “Transformation gets to feel wealthy when you are supported in all of the right ways.”

hi, i'm brittany hoogenboom

owner + founder of synergy soul