As a woman of many hats, I continue to dive into master them all, yes it is possible to be a master of many. I have combined all that I experienced and have studied over the last 15 years to create Synergy Soul, a space where all things are led to lead you home within your Soul while having the most fun possible living out your human experience. The Yin, The Yang. However you want to see it, we dance between the Divine Masculine & Feminine here in all forms.

Synergy Soul is a combination of all things in life, because everything is sacred. From spiritual & energetic healing, spiritual guidance, movement medicine, to business guidance for the creative, the witch, the healer, the medicine woman, etc.

We take you deep into the roots of your existence, Ancestral connection & beyond, to assisting you in flowing in your business in ways that feel good to you.

At Synergy we understand that not one person in this Universe is energetically made up the same and we work to support your individual truth and energetic make up in your life, your healing, & your business.

As a healer my focus is to facilitate healing energetically in a way that you are in still in charge, feel safe & supported, and are guided to move energy through meditative type healing & movement.

As a seer my focus is to provide you a safe space to receive messages and guidance from your benevolent Ancestors and Divine team in a way that you are easily able to receive, apply the wisdom to your life and integrate with grace, all while feel supported, seen, & heard.

As a spiritualists with business guidance my focus is to align you with what you love in business rather than just creating for the sake of creating. Why start a business as an artist, creator, witch, healer etc, if you aren’t loving what you do.

We also have a beautiful network of practitioners, artists, creators, healers, witches that we connect with personally and for our clients, from different forms of energy work, to astrology, & marketing for the spiritual woman and sooo much more.

We understand cycling with the seasons, living by the Sun and healing by the Moon. 

At Synergy Soul we stand for living for your Spirit and your human having as much fun as possible, even when it makes no sense. Learning to connect to your roots, heal as your guide and create for others.

There are no rules here other than harm none.

We love to see ladies win in a world where we have had to fight so hard to shine.

Welcome to Synergy Soul, we are honored to have you here. ♥️

This is the place to be if you are the the mystic, the healer, the creator, the medicine woman, the witch & feel that you fit in no where else.

Hi, I'm Brittany Hoogenboom

spiritualist // owner + founder of synergy soul