business basics

boss lady

are you ready? 

are you ready

Are you ready to build a business that gives you the freedom you have been dreaming of? 

Are you ready to step into your divine and innate gifts, and confidently monetize them? 

Are you ready to be seen and show up in your power?

Are you ready to master the energy of money, and start calling in massive abundance?

What if you woke up every morning, knowing you were doing what you love? 

 Not only aligning with what you love to do, but also embodying the energy of massive abundance at the same time? 

Are you ready to build a foundation for your business that opens up the flow to receive more?

Are you ready to embody the energy of opulence?

You get to have it all 

have it all


Are you ready to understand how to hone in your feminine creativity in your business, while still honoring the masculine structure? 

Are you ready to understand heart-led business - without ever feeling boxed in by a strategy?

“This is about creating a business that creates freedom, and a business that supports you to truly be able to do what you love in life, and not just work your life away. 

This is about building an empire from the ground up that is sustainable but also supports your authenticity and individuality.” 

It's time to heal ancestral wounds                                and step into your business abundant, supported and on purpose self.  

We are going all-in on the energetics and logistics of how to run a successful online business that supports your truth and building your empire where you’re able to call in a fuck ton of money while doing something you love. 

It's time to heal THE ancestral wounds HOLDING YOU BACK and step into your 2021 abundant, supported and on purpose self.  

We are going all in on the energetics AND logistics of how to run a successful online mentoring business that makes mad money and massive results for your clients.


It’s time to claim your birthright to abundance. 

$555 pay in full

$277.50/ 2 mo

pay in full

payment plan


payment plan

Whether you are a: 

It is time to take control of your freedom and money and become a successful business owner.

It doesn’t matter.

This is for you if you are ready to monetize YOUR gifts and serve your clients at the highest level possible. 

for you

This is about making a massive impact AND income. 

It is time to start serving from a place of ABUNDANCE. 

Honoring your time, your energy and your innate gifts. 

No more undercharging and undervaluing your medicine.

No more hiding in lack of clarity. 


This is for ANYONE who wants to have a successful online business or expand your in person business to an online platform. 

Business Foundations 
Business Logistics 
Integrating the Energetics with the Practical 
& Money Mindset. 

We are covering all things: 

+ Business Coach 
+ Mindset Coach 
+ Spiritual transformation Coach 
+ Nutrition Coach
+ Tarot Reader
+ Astrologer
+ Intuitive 
+ Psychic Medium
+ Spiritual Advisor
+ Spiritual Healer
+ Health and Wellness Coach/Mentor
+ Even the basics for a product based company



+ Stop undervaluing your time and gifts
+ Stand behind your prices energetically
+ Get intentional on your offers BEFORE you sell them.


Creating Your Offers


+ Tap into the energy of receiving 
+ Open yourself to receive the clients, cash, and abundance you deserve. 
+ Create the sacred space for your clients to transform.


Make Mad Money


+ Defining, clarifying and owning your unique wisdom + medicine for the collective 
+ Recognizing and honoring your greatness
+ Set boundaries to honor yourself + your clients 


Connecting to Self


+ Using social media to expand and amplify your impact.
+ Honor your freedom and integrity.
+ Stop playing small and SHOW UP.


Be Seen + Scale


+ The Holy Trinity of business: Connection + Inspired Action + Receiving
+ How to manifest the income you desire through your business.
+ Clearing what’s keeping you in the energy of lack


The Energy of Wealth


+ LLCs vs S.Corps
+ Tax write offs
+ Money management for long term success and sustainability.


book keeping basics


+ Understanding foundational strategies that can support your receiving, delegating, and expansion. 
+ Spiritual Hygiene to keep your business thriving 
+ Allowing yourself to feel supported in your business 


Systems and Strategies


the boss lady lifestyle experience awaits

$555 pay in full

$277.50/ 2 mo

pay in full

payment plan




payment plan


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