The Energetic Forecast Reading 

I have opened up a new and intuitive way to work with me on a monthly or month to month basis.

-Monthly intention setting and reading for business, personal, and Spiritual growth

-The energetic forecast for the following month, the reading pertains to energetic and practical work around your business and personal life 

-Setting goals and targets per the forecast

-A guided meditation to solidify the intention for the following month 

-Insight into where contrast may possibly occur, and ways to alchemize the shadows. 

monthly workshops 



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Brittany Hoogenboom is a transformation coach, 4th generation medium, and in the process of her initiation to be a Priest of Oya in the Lucumi tradition. 

Her divination choice is tarot and oracle, which may and may not be included in these readings. She is also a channel for Ancestral and cosmic realms, she may provide guidance from these realms. These readings are to contribute to your transformation, abundance, and wealth in all ways. 

These workshops will last anywhere from 90-120 minutes and will be filled with transformational tools, insight, a reading from Brittany, & astrology insight from jazmine.

Jazmine Jarvis is an astrologer and entrepreneur with a deep desire to heal. She has studied astrology, metaphysics and energy healing. Combining her years of research and education with her intuitive abilities as a spiritual channel, she is able to give detailed readings that incorporate various perspectives. 

Jazmine’s monthly astrology forecasts give you insight as to what energies you will be working with throughout the month, what areas of your life will be affected and any potential challenges or wins that may occur. This allows you to make spiritually-guided business and life decisions.

bonus astrology insight with jazmine jarvis


January 30th, 2 pm EST
February 26th, 7 pm EST
March 30th, 7 pm EST 
April 29th, 7 pm EST 
May 29th, 2 pm EST
June 29th, 7 pm EST
July 29th, 7 pm EST
August 28th, 2 pm  EST
September 28th, 7 pm  EST
October 23rd, 2 pm  EST
November 27th, 2 pm EST
December 30th, 7 pm  EST


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