The 10-week live mastermind, with 18 classes and 35+ hours of teaching, for the woman who is ready to scale her business through clarity, embodiment, and energetics. 

The age of putting on a mask, or “faking it until you make it” is no longer an option for longevity in business. 

There is a new age of business - one where companies are built on integrity, energetics, and heart-centered business practices. 

One where women are creating real sisterhood, connection, and support systems for one another. 
One where we are fully in our power, our innate wisdom, and supported by our intuition and energy. 

that's why i called it

wealthy soul

wealthy soul academy

To help the woman who is desiring a new level of consciousness within their brand and business. 

This is for the woman who wants: 

A solid foundation in her business and strategy, with clear brand recognition and voice. 

More clarity and awareness of what she wants for her business long term to create more sustainable growth. 

To be in the energy of other businesswomen, and have a sisterhood and opportunity for hive learning to grow together. 

To feel confident in making decisions as the CEO of her business and life. 

decondition every version of herself that thinks that she can’t do it - and step into being fully embodied in her purpose. 

To know how to build her audience both in-person AND online. 

A program that includes other expert guests to learn from the best in the industry, and have choices on what feels best for her business from a space of knowledge. 

To sell with confidence, and without shame for bigger launches, and more service. 

To scale her business to the next level by creating recurring income for long-term wealth using funnels for your offers. 

To hold the belief that everything is always working for her, and knowing that she is divinely guided and held while she makes those next level decisions

This is about shedding all of the layers that have held you back from being massively wealthy and giving you the tools that you need to be successful, in a container that has massive support, accountability, and connection. 

Wealth is a vibration. 

And this isn’t just about monetary wealth. 

When we choose to heal, and honor and respect all pieces of ourselves, and our shadow- we attune to the higher frequency of abundance in all areas of our lives. 

This is about becoming the most embodied, raw, and real version of yourself- because no matter who you are, you can unleash the CEO within who is clear, confident, and in always knowing what is best for her business from a space of groundedness and connection to self and source. 

                             to cut out any of the preconceived roadblocks you have to create more ease in your strategy. 

10k - 20k - 30k - 40k

it is time

A little over a year ago, I was on my way to hitting my first $10k month, but I knew I needed to expand my tools to continue to scale my business. I knew I needed soul-aligned strategy, planning, understanding pricing, organization, new branding… 
But I also needed rest, and to work through old toxic masculine systems we have been ingrained with for lifetimes. 

In 2020, I had a multiple 6 figure year, February of 2021 I closed out my first $100k launch, and $150k+ for quarter one this year. This is what understanding and integrating the right energetic and business strategies can do for you. 

Once I decided to honor myself, and integrate the shadow work, I scaled to $20k months, and then again to $30k, and now- up to $40k sales months. 



This is the direct bi-product of choosing to honor and learn the energetics of a successful, fruitful business created from integrity. 

Successful union of masculine and feminine for more structure and flow.

week 1

Showing up in your confidence and magnetism. Embodying success as your identity.

week 2

Prioritizing play and rest. 

week 3

Embodying your brand. Creating brand recognition, consistency, and a clear voice in the online space.

week 4

Offer creation, pricing, and the energy and strategy of launching.

week 5

Course creation.

week 6

Networking in person and online.

week 7

Recurring income for bigger sales, and sales strategy.

week 8

Spiritual hygiene and boundaries when expanding your business and holding more space.

week 9

Trusting yourself in the process, the things that no one talks about, and emotional intelligence. 

week 10

wealthy soul

When you join The Wealthy Soul Academy you receive:

- 35+ hours of training content and teaching through Brittany

- 8+ hours of guest teachings

- A Voxer peer support group where you can voice chat and support one another

- A private Facebook community to connect with other women, ask questions and get support

- A free ticket to “The Women in Business” event 2022 in person


- You also get access to Brittany’s programs - Boss Lady Academy, Money Magnet, and Making My Ancestors Proud while you are in the container

let's make $


payment plan

$2000 Downpayment
The payment plan will start May 10th
(32 weeks of $281.25) 



Pay in Full: $10,800 



“Before I started working with Brittany I did not fully trust myself and my abilities. I had coaches before that weren't in resonance with where I was at and I let that take a toll on my emotional security. Working with Brittany really truly showed me how possible everything I want is. Brittany not only taught how VITAL rest is to my work, but she also taught me what it feels like to be fully supported and that... that is beautiful. Just being in her energy is an absolute treat for me because of how embodied she is in her work. She is beyond no-nonsense and I fucking love that about her. Through Wealthy Soul I began to trust myself, trust god, and set boundaries that were a long time coming with people in my personal and professional life. Long story short working with Brittany made me prioritize my well-being above all and it's changed the way I move in this world and I am so grateful that I was brought to her at exactly the right. Just so much love for this human and the gifts she, so beautifully shares with the world.
What made you choose to work with Brittany and what was it like?

I actually chose to work with Brittany because she communicated in the online space a lot like I do and I saw her SLAYING the game and I was like damn... she's speaking my language... I can keep coming up. Even before working with her directly, Brittany was inspiring me to embody my most authentic self aka not tone myself down for anyone. Working with Brittany was a breath of fresh air. It was exciting, it held me accountable in ways I needed and empowered me to step into the passion behind my business fully in ways I didn't know I could.

Since the day I enrolled in wealthy soul, I had hawks following me wherever I went. At the beach, on trips out of town, driving down the freeway. Everywhere I went for months I'd see them. Working with Brittany went beyond the physical realm- I felt animal medicine from her since the day I said yes to her energy and that... to me.. spoke volumes about who she is and how powerful her work is.”

- Isabella Marie

The Confidence Coach

Before meeting Brittany I struggled with stepping into my power and shifting my mindset from lack to abundance. Brittany’s energy felt like family to me. I knew she would call me out on my mindset and would expect me to expect more for and of myself. Behind her no-nonsense is her devotion to seeing you rise into your full power. She wants you to live a wonderful, full, amazing life. Work with Brittany if you are looking for a change in your life. You will not regret it. She is phenomenal!

- Kashawn Lee

Life Coach

“Before working with Brittany, my business confidence was pretty low. I had my own business for a couple of years and never felt confident to fully put myself out there in the world. Once I started working with Brittany, my business confidence grew. I quickly began implementing the skills and techniques she taught us and started seeing an increase in everything in my business. I absolutely love the way Brittany teaches. It’s exactly what is missing from all the other business courses I took in the past. It perfectly blends spirituality and business. This was exactly what I was looking for.  

I chose to work with Brittany because of the way her authenticity shows whether she is on a live or on a post. You can feel her passion and contagious energy for life and wanting to help others. She is so genuine and is very relatable. I’m so grateful spirit guided me to finding Brittany.

I highly recommend working with Brittany. She is the perfect balance of caring/ loving while being firm and direct. Thank you tremendously Brittany from the bottom of my heart. I wish so much success for you and everyone you work with.”

- Arlene

A Mora Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner

“Before working with Brittany I was stuck in a pattern of knowing the work I’m called to do, but not knowing how to get started. Her energy and always being the fire I need! I first met Brittany years ago when we worked together in Ohio. Every morning when coming into the office, she would always smile and uplift everyone from our staff to all of our clients! You always wanted to be around her and everyone was sad when she left! I knew since then I wanted to work with her in my own personal work and I’ve continued to see my growth and shift ever since starting with her!

Brittany is everything we seek as guides and healers who do and teach THE WORK!! The importance in seeing where someone is at and guiding them to where they are wanting to be!”

- Nori Drach

Spiritual Practitioner

"Before I started working with Brittany I was juggling numerous aspects of my life. The energy to embark on building a spiritual business on my own after splitting from my business partner. A lot of my time was spent navigating through some family issues for a few years, maintaining another business all while homeschooling my son for the last three years. Let’s just say I don’t know how but I found time to work with Brittany.

So to embark on this spiritual journey the correct way was my driving force. I had a few people that I was watching although after a few extend it lives on Instagram I realize that Brittany’s message really resonated with me and I knew that I needed to work with her.

Working with Brittany is enlightening as well as empowering because she really formulates the content in a way that’s stirring to my soul to the point whereas I know that that’s exactly what I need to do. And Brittany also guides you through breath work through journaling and other tools to get to your hidden gem. And don’t get me wrong there have been times where I have had sessions with Brittany and the message came through loud and clear. I may not have been willing to accept it at that moment but acknowledging that if I wanna get the work done I know what I need to do.

I have worked with Brittany one on one as well as taking summer courses and overall I can say that my confidence in building my spiritual practices and tools has been heightened, Certain aspects or instances have to come up through journaling that I have forgotten I was able to work through it and heal from it. Even down to some of my daily practices and shifts of how to align my flow and connect more with my ancestors has been a bonus. I encourage anyone who is willing to dive deep and do the work to take a course or get a 1-1 with Brittany and you will see the changes happen before your eyes. I’m so blessed to work with her.

Brittany is there to bring the information to you. It is up to you to actually do the work so that your transformation can occur. And once you take that step you will see that your life will be forever changed for the better. I know mine has!!!

- Leilani Moore

Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, Healer

"Wealthy Soul was the most transformative group coaching space I’ve EVER been a part of. When the program started, I wasn’t turning an income with my business and had no clients and 2 months in, I started calling in clients and $2k weeks.
And on top of the business transformation I had, I am now left with a network of healers whom I consider friends. We all work with and uplift each other, it’s such a beautiful sisterhood I didn’t expect to gain from this experience."

- Rachel

Spiritual Coach, Healer

"The Wealthy Soul Academy completed shifted my business, my vibration and my WEALTH! I leveled up in all ways! Before the program even ended I was able to quit my 9-5 and fully support myself with my own business. The Wealthy Soul Academy gave me the next level tools, support and energy I needed to become a full-time entrepreneur. And not only was the knowledge impactful, but the incredible group of soul sisters AND business connections I gained was PRICELESS. I am so so grateful for Brittany and this program. I can’t recommend it enough!!!!."

- Jazmine Jarvis


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